After working with Docker and micro-services deployed in an orchestrator (Kubernetes, Rancher) for a few years, I wanted to consolidate and validate my knowledge of what I have learnt in a professional context by an official certification.

Preparing the exam is also an opportunity to deep dive into some aspects…


In the Kubernetes ecosystem, when you start to think about customize your manifests, you might have 2 solutions: Helm or Kustomize.

This article is not about the pros and cons of each solution. Based on your needs and your approach, you will choose the right tool for your deployment.



Traefik is an open-source reverse proxy/load-balancer, popular for the setup, the well integration with the containerized technologies (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, …), the auto-discovery of services and much more features.

In this article, we will go through an use-case to make the TLS configuration in Traefik as flexible/generic as possible in…

Frank Druillennec

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